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Essential Oil Classes

Hi Everyone! In the upcoming months, we will be hosting several Essential oils classes. The upcoming schedule of classes are listed below. You don’t want to miss these especially if you are wanting to learn about Essential Oils and their uses.

If you would like to attend, please click EVENTS, then choose the class and submit your registration form. Once registered, I will then add you to our Facebook group page.

***Disclaimer (This class is open to anyone that is not already a Wellness Advocate/customer)

8/15/2018 Essential Oils & Sleep Online 
8/22/2018 Essential Oils & Children Online 
8/29/2018 Essential Oils & Cleaning Online 
9/5/2018 Essential Oils & Cooking Online 
9/12/2018 Essential Oils  & Skin Online 
9/19/2018 Essential Oils Hidden Gems Online 
9/26/2018 Spoil Yourself: Arborvitae Online 
10/3/2018 Spoil Yourself: Basil Online 
10/10/2018 Spoil Yourself: Bergamot Online 
10/17/2018 Spoil Yourself: Birch Online 
10/24/2018 Spoil Yourself: Black Pepper Online 
11/7/2018 Spoil Yourself: Cardamon Online 
11/14/2018 Spoil Yourself: Cassia Online